Golf Pad TAGS ™

Golf Pad TAGS,  compatible with Android and iPhone, make it easy to know the distance of every shot. Just tap your club to your phone before you make your shot. You’ll automatically track your score, club distances, accuracy, putting stats and more. See, edit and share right on your phone. Know your game and play better golf.


“I’ve been using Golf Pad TAGS™ & am very pleased. I love the info they give me.”

— Brad Huddle



Learn where you tend to miss and what part of the game to work on. Automatically track:

Sand saves ‌• Greens in regulation ‌• Course strategy • Club distances • Shot dispersion • P‌utting • Distance trends ‌• Fairways hit or missed


See how you played each hole. Pick the game play strategy that works best for you.

“One of the best Kickstarter inventions for June.”

— David Nield, MSN Money


Golf Pad TAGS work for tournaments too! Just use Golf Pad Regulation Mode. Your shot distances and club recommendations won’t display while playing. See full game analysis after you finish the round.


Golf Pad TAGS are compatible with most smartwatches, including Apple WatchAndroid Wear, Samsung Gear. See club confirmation and last shot’s distance when you scan a tag with your phone. Your watch acts as a golf GPS the rest of the time.


Tag your golfclub

Put a tag on each club. Tap the phone before you hit the ball. Your phone records the club and distance for every shot and computes the stats in real time. TAGS are durable, battery-free, ultra lightweight.

Golf PAD ™ vs. Game Golf vs. Arccos

Er zijn min of meer twee Golf PAD ™ concurrerende producten ; Arccos en Game Golf.

De producten van Golf PAD ™ bieden de interessantste spel inzichten, zijn gemakkelijk in gebruik en intuïtief.  Golf PAD ™ heeft honderdduizenden enthousiaste actieve gebruikers.  Golf PAD ™ blijft evolueren en innoveren, u profiteert mee dankzij de regelmatige gratis software updates. Onze concurrenten kunnen met grotere marketing budgetten het verschil proberen te maken, maar lees gerust de gebruikers reviews erop na, GolfPAD ™ overtreft de concurrentie.

In de tabel hieronder proberen een objectieve* vergelijking te maken:


Features Comparison Arccos 

GolfPAD vs. Arccos

Game Golf 

GolfPAD vs. Game Golf

Golf Pad 

GolfPAD competitors

Real-Time stats and scores Yes Some products Yes
Rounds recorded 500,000 700,000 2,500,000
Smartwatch support Apple Watch only Apple Watch only Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, Pebble, Android Wear, Magellan
Clubs Recommendations No No Yes
Scoring for multiple players No No Yes
Scoring methods Stroke Play Stroke Play Stroke Play, 

Stableford, Match Play

Handicap scoring No No Yes
Tags with no batteries No Yes Yes
Conforms to tournament rules Yes Yes Yes
App downloads Android <500 

iOS no data

Android < 50k 

iOS no data

1,000,000 +
Range Finder Yes Some products Yes
Course Strategy insights No No Yes
App Ratings 4.0 (78) 4.0 (411) 4.6 (9,000+)
Price € 299 €99 – €300 € 99 – €249

*Vergelijking gebaseerd op publiek beschikbare data (Januari 2017) en kan ten allen tijde wijzigen.

Klik hieronder om een volledige vergelijking in detail te bekijken


How far do amateur golfers like you hit the ball?

While the release of the annual distance report shows that the majority of pro golfers are hitting it slightly farther than the year before, there’s much to learn about the amateur game as well.

And just how far are Average Joes hitting the golf ball?

According to the data collected and analyzed, the average driving distance for male amateur club golfers in 2017 was 208.1 yards. (This number was 200 yards in 1996.) Players with a handicap of 6 or better averaged 236 yards off the tee, handicaps of 6-12 averaged 212 yards, 13-20 handicaps averaged 198 yards and 21 handicaps and higher averaged 188 yards (89 percent of the total shots were hit with a driver).

This information was measured at male and female clubs in the U.K., and as many as 2,000 men’s drives and 300 women’s drives are used to collect each season’s data.

Full report download


Tee Claw ™

Practise with the same tees as you would on the course 

Say goodbye to those dreaded rubber tees on the driving range.  No more lifting heavy, wet and dirty hitting mats.  Use a TeeClaw™ , break a wooden tee to your desired height and put it in the claw.  You can use another TeeClaw and lanyard to avoid your TeeClaw flying out onto the range.  You can also use the lanyards as alignment tool.  No more need to bring your sticks to the range. 

Golf Analytics

Analytics can definitely make a difference. The more information a player, an athlete, a coach can have now, the better.

This video shows how valuable data on a golfers game can be. As per Keith Pelley, CEO European tour, says really well in this video;
Analytics can definitely make a difference. The more information a player, an athlete, a coach can have now, the better.
Strokes Gained is also a feature in the GolfPadGPS app! Read more about it here.