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Some FAQ’s listed below

No! The tags are passive NFC tags.  These do not contain batteries and do not require any form of charging. Set & forget!

In 2018 Apple opened up it’s NFC technology for 3rd party products.  We’re happy to announce that TAGs purchased as of December 2018 will work with iPhone 7 and IOS 12 or better.

Good question. Most covers are thin enough to still pass through enough magnetic field. Some thick or metal covers may be troublesome. NFC technology only works on very close distance adding extra obstacles is not recommended. 

Minimum Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, released  in 2011) or higher and have NFC onboard.

As you prefer.  You can easily switch between ‘metric’ (meters) of ‘imperial’ (yards).

No!  GolfPad Premium offers more detailed statistics, club selection advise, is ad-free and supports smartwatches. The free standard app is perfectly usable.

You will need an Android phone equipped with NFC sensor to perform the update. Step by step instructions:

  • Install the latest version of the free Golf Pad app from Google Play. Version 14.33 or later is required.
  • There is no need to log in or create Golf Pad account. Just open Golf Pad app, go into preferences and select Golf Pad LINK/TAGS.
  • Enable LINK/TAGS, then select ‘Scan TAGS with your phone’.
  • Press and hold the blue antenna icon at the bottom of the screen for 10 seconds, until the label changes from ‘Scan tag to assign a club’ to ‘Ready to update tags’.
  • Scan all tags, one at a time. Be sure ‘Tag written successfully’ message appears (though on some models it will only vibrate). If a tag can’t be updated, please try again. You may need to hold the tag against the phone for at least a second to ensure update goes through. 

We do not offer support for self upgrading Tags and this will also void the warranty