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Tee Claw

19,95 incl. VAT

  • 4 Tee Claws
  • 5 Elastic Lanyards


The Tee Claw allows golfers to use any broken or unbroken wooden golf tee from driving range hitting mats. No more hitting off of the dreaded rubber tube or lifting heavy, wet and dirty hitting mats.

The elastic lanyard allows the Tee Claw to be used for a multitude of drills to include alignment, ball position, swing path, chipping, putting and so much more. No more need to put alignment sticks on the hitting surface.

Tee Claws are often used for long-drive competions and in coaching studios (grid).
Tee Claw is also an effective alignement training tool for Baseball/Softball and many other sports!

The versatility of the Tee Claw is unmatched. There is no other training aid on the market that is as versatile and affordable as the Tee Claw.


Additional information

Weight 0,075 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 2,5 cm

Black/Black, Black/Yellow, Green/Yellow