Golf Rules Quick Reference (Dutch)

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“Golf Rules Quick Reference. The practical guide for use on the course”, by Yves C. Ton-That, 52 pages, 180 full-color illustrations, plastic coated, spiral binding
ISBN 978-3-906852-15-7

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The practical guide for use on the course

As of 2019, new golf rules apply worldwide. It is the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years. “Golf Rules Quick Reference” gives you a clear overview of all the changes so that you can benefit from all the simplifications and new relief procedures.

The handy, water-repellent rules guide is the world’s best-selling golf book – multi-award winning, recommended by golf associations and more than 1.5 million copies sold. It answers virtually every rules question in a matter of seconds. As each rules case is illustrated, the player can identify the correct way to proceed at a glance. The rules are explained in easy-to-understand language on the basis of specific golfing situations. Furthermore, the book is divided into sections by means of index tabs that correspond to an actual round of golf: “Tee”, “Fairway & rough”, “Bunker”, “Penalty area” etc. To sum it up, it is a “must” in every golf bag.

ISBN 978-3-906852-23-2

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